Amateur Session : Episode ‘Fanart’

Hiatus kurang lebih 1tahun dari per-FF-an bikin imajinasi menghilang tanpa jejak dari kepala ini…
Berkali – kali coba buat nulis, hasilnya selalu aneh, kaku OMG this is such a horible situation
Disaat tangan berniat kembali menari tapi otak kehilangan siimajinasi,
what should i do?
just wait unitl my imagination comeback Home, at that time, i will traped him so he will never let me go again..
So i spend my boring time with some fanrt for… maybe my next fanfic..
This is it…

The Distance




The Farewell

vanilla Twilight2


in the middle of boring time and lost my imaginerium…
comeback home sooner darl…

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